Doll HousesMoses Lake November 29, 2009

I’ve Been Busy Lately…..

Yes I know I haven’t been very busy blogging lately and I’ll tell you why….

I’m building a HOUSE!  Yes me, I’m building a house.  It’s a very pretty blue house that has been in a box in my basement for the last 6 years.  I bought this ‘house’ with good intentions years ago thinking “I’m going to build this house for my daughter,” and I never got around to it.  Now instead of building it for my daughter her and I are able to build it together.

doll house
doll house

This is what it will look like (I hope) when we are finished.  Thats provided, of course, that I finish it. 

I did start assemblying it in the middle of my living room in hopes that if it is in the middle of everything I will actually work on it. 

 I’ve also determined that until it’s finished there will be no Christmas decorations.  Right now it’s in a pile of pieces so Christmas might be a little slim this year.  At least though, I’ll be able to cross off that one thing on my ‘thing to do list’ that has been there for the last 6 years.

The one thing I am glad about is the fact that me and my 2 girls can work on it as a team instead of them just letting me do all the work.  They have been doing all the sanding and painting and then I am there with the glue gun to put it all together.  If only real houses were put together with glue guns life would be so much simpler!   But for now I’ll just keep plugging along on the pile of pieces that lie in my living room and I’ll post pictures when I’m done.