Moses LakeReal Estate November 7, 2009

What Do All Those Letters Mean? Part 1

I know to us in the Real Estate Industry we don’t think twice about throwing
up those letters after our names.  I think we often fail to recognize that
others might not know what those certifications stand for and the training that
we had to take to get those silly letters after our nameLearning Letters Chart

I am going to try and give you a brief rundown of those letters and how it
might benefit you as either a Seller or Buyer

ABRAccredited Buyers Representative:  Education for this includes completion of a 2 day
course, an ABR elective course, and experience representing only a Buyer in a

ALCAccredited Land Consultant: 6 completed courses
of required curriculum, 3 years experience in the sale and lease of vacant
land.  volume requirements of at least 10 million in land sales or 25 separate
land transactions.  Must pass an Exam and also be reviewed by the accreditation

CCIMCertified Commercial Investment Member:  these
members are educated in commercial leasing, sale and valuation.  Four classes
are required for this designation, each class lasts 5 days for 8 hours.  You
must also complete a 3 credit elective course.  After this you must attend 3
different Networking events and then submit a portfolio of experience. Finally
you must pass a exam.

CIPSCertified International Property Specialists:
These members are educated in International Sales.  This requires a multitude of
training on different countries and requirements

CPM-Certified Property Manager:  Education in Property Management

CRBCertified Real Estate Brokerage Manager: These Designees are better able to streamline operations, intergrate new technology and apply new trends and business strategies.  To earn this designation you must apply for admission, hold and maintain membership as a Realtor, have one year management experience, earn 12 credits within the following 4 years after application.

CRS-Council of Residential Specialist: This designation is awarded to experienced Realtors who complete adbvanced training in listing and selling and meet rigorous production requirements.  The requirements for this vary depending on your various sales experience.

CRE-Counselor of Real Estate:  This is a membership that is by invitation only.  These professionals provide objective advice on real property and land-related matters.

GREENNAR’s Green Designation:  This designation means that your agent would have the highest level training possible in “green” features within homes.  This includes how to market and understand and target that market that is seeking green properties.  This requires a 12 hour Core Course and a 6 hr Elective Course in residential, commercial, or property management.

To Be Continued….