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The Demise of Small Town USA…..

Wilson Creek WA

Main Street

   There once was a small town that was settled in 1870.  This town housed those who decided to go West.  In 1892 the great railroad was brought in and brought with it people and supplies,

                                                     Abandoned Building

This small town slowly grew and with it the people came and settled and built homes and businesses.  This small town located just 30 minutes north of Moses Lake continued to flourish each year as the train brought in more and more settlers.

Skate Park

Soon the people that had been coming to Wilson Creek began moving out of the small town and into a “big” small town Moses Lake.

Abandoned Grange Building Abandoned Barber Shop

Today Wilson Creek stands alone and empty as the buildings are left standing empty and families move from small, small towns to the convenience of the larger towns close by.  These small towns were once all we had of a bustling economy

Grange Silos and the security of the knowledge that everything was good in the world.  These were the towns where we’d say good-bye to the kids at 9:00 in the morning and they’d ride off on their bikes to enjoy the mysteries of the fields that surrounded them.  This is what we have left of those times.

Grange Building

With the migration of people to the bigger cities we have left the safety of the small towns and with it we have left the dreams and visions that the community once had.  Now all that we have left are the empty buildings that once held so much joy and happiness for families.  With the loss of the people the buildings have lost their joy and once again are just sticks and mortar.



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