Moses LakeReal Estate October 25, 2009

Is Boeing coming to Moses Lake?


As I’ve written before about the airport in Moses Lake, WA you should know about the amazing runway we have out at the airport.  For years now there have been rumblings every now and again about Boeing coming to Moses Lake most recently in the last month regarding Boeing and the new 787 program. 

Of course the alternate proposal for that is also South Carolina.  If we look at theboeing likelihood of Boeing moving that program here it would not be likely.  Although we do have one of the longest runways and some of the cheapest electricity rates in Washington State we can’t compete with the fact that South Carolina is not a labor union state.

Boeing has slowly over the past 7 years been pulling out of our state and we seem to turn our backs and pretend it isn’t happening.  No matter what the ties may be to the Northwest business is business and if they can do it somewhere else without being held hostage by unions which are in turn affecting the delivery dates for the planes we can’t fault them for that.

We may be losing out on this but Boeing has signed on for testing their 747 – 800 Freightliner here in Moses Lake.  Although it won’t bring jobs we will get an influx of people when the testing is happening, whether they spend money or not is yet to be determined. 

I know you’ve seen it too the green jackets on the planes as they fly overhead (Boeings way of being secretive).  Next time wave hello!

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