Real Estate October 22, 2009

Have Banks Overstayed Their Welcome


The first bank can be traced back to 1407 which was founded in Italy now I ask of you, what other institution is there that has basically been around and been run the same as it was when it began?

Ok you’re right the world’s oldest profession and we all know what that is! j0444696 But besides that is there any other industry that has survived as long as banks have?  It begs the question have banks outlived their usefulness?  Granted we need somewhere safe to put our money but there has to be other ways out there then just going back to the same thing we have been using since 1407.

It seems that the banks have not grasped the fact that business needs to be done differently since the onslaught of this economic tragedy!  They can’t accept the fact that million dollar bonuses shouldn’t be a right that comes with the job.

Is there a way to invest and keep our money in private companies that allows the companies to use it but yet still allows us access to our money as soon as we need it?  Wouldn’t that help the companies as well as benefit ourselves.  Since the banks are no longer supporting and loaning to those companies that they once lent to shouldn’t we just go around the banks and do it ourselves.

Sadly though we are so reliant on the banking system for the purchasing power that is so important in our lives.  I don’t know if we’ll ever have a day where we don’t live under the control of the banks that are currently determining so many peoples futures right now.

It is up to us to get out from under the thumb of large corporations such as insurance agencies and banks and instead move more towards focused local industries as a way for us to help our own communities thrive.  Keep your business local where you know what companies your money goes to support!


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