Real Estate October 15, 2009

When They Say Thank-You…..


Do you ever have those negotiations when you just know that your seller is being absolutely inflexible.  I can’t tell you as a seller how imperative it is to show that you are willing to give a little in the negotiations.  That’s how both people can come out of the situation and feel like it was a win win situation.  Granted it can’t always be so friendly but we can certainly try.


But I suppose when you don’t actually have to sell the property it gives you a leg up in negotiations.  But then again it also makes you INFLEXIBLE.  Good thing you’re a friend of mine or I would go home screaming.  So a good way to defuse the situation was the text you sent me tonight that said “thank-you I appreciate what you do for me.”


*Sigh* Maybe we’ll try again next time, as long as we can still laugh together.