Real Estate October 10, 2009

Port of Moses Lake

Moses Lake, WA is home to one of the largest airports in the United States.  We were formerly home to the Larson Air

Moses Lake Airport

Moses Lake Airport

Force base before it closed down, which has an incredible history in itself.  In 1959 we were home to a three missile launching facility for the ballistic missile program.  In 1966 the base was closed down and primarily began to be used for public air traffic.  This also lead to the area of town that we term “base housing.”

Moses Lake, WA international airport has over 4700 acres and covers five runways for public use.  The main runway is 13,500 x 200 feet wide and we have also become an alternate landing site for the NASA space shuttle in case of bad weather conditions elsewhere.  Currenlty the airport is being used for training for the U.S. military, Japan Airlines, the Boeing Company and many other air carriers from around the world.

Moses Lake, WA has just recently gotten air service back between Seattle and Moses Lake, we as a community had to pitch in and make that happen.  With all the new industries coming to town and the need for corporate travel hopefully it will be here to stay.