Real Estate October 6, 2009

All Day Blogging

I’ve done it…I’ve been learning about blogging all damn darn day.  I figured since I can’t go to the “Rainmaker” class in Seattle tomorrow I had to make up for it somehow.   What I’ve learned is…..Student

  1. You will never learn everything!! It really is something that you can learn today and by tomorrow it’s done a different way.
  2. Steven seriously knows everything!  If you haven’t taken one of his classes I highly recommend it, if you can figure out how to get into a webinar!
  3. I want this info but I don’t want anyone else to know it! Shhhhh keep it a secret we don’t want this getting out.
  4. Activerain can do more for us then we imagined! The power of the rain is simply terrifying (please don’t piss anyone off if you get kicked out you’re in trouble).

One thing I didn’t learn that maybe someone could help me with…..what is the difference between API and FTP and why won’t these damn darn things let me upload pictures?  I am off to use all my new found information (can you tell I’m using Scribe, thank-you Steven sooooo nice) on creating the most perfect blog there is.

*People please don’t expect much from me or I will become unable to function