Real Estate October 5, 2009

What Is the Market Doing?

In the last couple weeks it feels like the market is slowly shifting.  We currently have 61 homes in pending….but we’ll


see how many of those can actually get to closing.  It seems with the financial institutions the way they are that getting them actually to sold is one of the hardest parts.  In those pendings the average price is $192,000 and the average days on market is 124.  That is up from our 90 days on market that we had 2 years ago

The key as always is pricing your home to today’s market and not hoping for yesterdays price.  Everyone needs to be realistic about what the market is doing.  A couple ways to get your everyone on the same page would be….
  • Take clients out to look at comparable properties.
  • Make sure they get a chance to look at sold comps.
  • Give them the sold comps visually so they actually get a chance to see the price on paper.

Using some of these ideas then everyone can be on the same page when pricing your home to sell.  It is a bit treacherous out there right now but if everyone works together we can sell those houses and get them from the pending status all the way to SOLD!