Real Estate October 1, 2009

Home Inspector Please

Because of the recent changes to licensing for Home Inspectors we are running into a situation here in Grant County as I’m sure most counties are running into.  Our 2 (yes you read that right) our 2 inspectors who are actually still



licensed and have all the training required to perform Home Inspections are currently 2 weeks out on Home Inspections.  This of course doesn’t work with the 10 day time frame for inspections so I have recently changed my inspection notices to 14 days.

I have some questions for Washington State fully licensed Home Inspectors.

  • Do you drive to other counties for inspections?
  • What would an extra cost be for drive time?
  • Is it safe to hire out of town inspectors…obviously weather conditions in different areas cause different issues in homes so if you’re great over in west side will you be familiar with the issues that can rise on the east side?

Homeowners even though we are running into this issue I think it is just growing pains until everyone is fully licensed.  This is something that we needed to have happen to get rid of the inspectors that really didn’t know what they were doing (similar as part time agents).  Make sure your Realtor gives you plenty of time to get an inspection done just in case you run into a similar situation.  Always, Always, require a Home Inspection.