Real Estate September 29, 2009

Presenting Offers

I admit it I think I may have gotten complacent and sometimes in this small town of ours we need to have an agent who does it “different” come in and shake us up a bit.  Well it’s been done but I’m still not sure about rocking the boat.

j0438505I don’t know about where you are but here the buyers agents don’t present their offers to the sellers we let the listing agents do that.  Now I’ve heard it’s done differently elsewhere.

It seems that having the buyers agent present the offer would cut down on some of the issues that can especially arise in small towns.  Agents know each other a little to well and do all they can to somehow derail an offer if it’s an agent they don’t like.  I’m not saying thats the norm but i have seen it happen.

I can also see the side however, where the sellers don’t want to meet the other agent face to face because it makes them uncomfortable in negotiations.  Wouldn’t it also put a face on the buyer which would make negotiating a little more difficult for my seller because they either will like what they hear from the agent or they do not.

I’m a little on the fence about this I can see where it would be a good thing for the buyers agent but maybe a bad thing for the selling agent.  I would be interested to hear what your experiences are with presenting offers as a Buyer’s Agent to the seller or if you don’t do it that way either.

I would like to hear what you think the pros and cons are for that situation so I can decide if it’s something I would like to pursue in this small town of mine!.