Real Estate September 28, 2009

Really, Really? Is That How We Work?

I must admit I have been browsing the websites trying to come up with a topic to write a blog about today when I came across this quote:

For most of this young century, the real-estate scene was dominated by homeowners trading up, flipping properties or snapping up vacation homes. Bubble-driven prices meant that even “starter homes” were out of reach for younger couples. Brokers and agents shunned first-time buyers because they needed too much hand-holding and, of course, because they weren’t that lucrative — why waste time peddling $150,000 condos when you could make seven times as much money selling a single $1 million McMansion?

It came right off the MSN home page real estate website and it really makes me wonder what kind of impression our clients get of us when the mainstream media so harshly points out that first time home buyers weren’t worth our time a couple years ago.

I don’t know about you but to me a Buyer is a Buyer.  Weather you’re spending $10,000 (and yes I have a $12,500 listing of raw land) or $500,000.  I have time for you! 

Dilapatated Building

dilapidated Building

You will never get the impression that it’s just not worth my time.  Every buyer is important!

I know that some of you will come on here and say well I’m just to busy with other stuff and I can’t make time for small listings or sales.  Thats fine, but we can at least refer these people out to other agents and follow the transaction to make sure that are being taken care of like they should.  It all comes down to the good basics of business TAKE CARE OF THE CLIENT! 

Lastly I’d like to say I’m disappointed that the media chooses to put an opinion out there that disparages us in such a way.  But I guess they wouldn’t have gotten that impression if we hadn’t given it to them right?