From an Outsiders Perspective

 I have now lived in Moses Lake 14 years.  It blows my mind!  Prior to this I had never lived in the same place more then 2-3 years.  I was moving from town to town on the West-Side. Not putting down roots just floating along.

In 2002 a transfer position came up in this little down and my husband took it “We said why not!”  Little did I think or anticipate that 14 years later I would still be here.

I have to admit that first year here was tough and I mean TOUGH!  Going from a town where you could get anything within 10 minutes of your home and then coming here where you had to drive an hour and half for some things was a big reality check. This is a list of good things that came out of this and what I tell my clients about this town that grows on you over time if you let it.

You save money!  I can’t even imagine the dollars I saved not being able to go out on a whim and pick up things that honestly I didn’t need (sign up for amazon prime just for the free shipping).  If you need to wait 2 weeks to get something it really makes you rethink if you need it or not.

You are forced to spend more time with your family if you like it or not!  With less places to go you focus more on what’s important right in front of you.  That means more family time, more time signing kids up for all the amazing Parks and Recreation programs just more time together with less distractions and ultimately that is a good thing.

Stay tuned for all the fun things we have available in Moses Lake for you to get involved in.

Heather Adkinson

Designated Broker/Owner

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And they just keep coming……

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The last 6 months in Moses Lake

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Creative Open House

Would this get you to an Open House?  I do them every weekend and am looking for great ways to keep myself entertained!


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Moses Lake Market Stats


It has truly been a pretty solid market for the past year. October has been especially strong.  Below you will find the number of active homes, pending homes, and sold homes.

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Ellen brought the funnies!!

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Is it an issue of down payment?

Looks like things really haven't changed much in the last 3 years…..

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Relationship Marketing Specialist (RMS)

Another day another designation.  Do those letters behind my name really make a difference in the whole scheme of things?  I guess that all depends on you and who you want representing your most expensive asset.  Do you want the person that stopped learning 10 years ago or do you want the person who is constantly learning how to market and use the current tools to market your property most effectivly?  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, these are all platforms that can be used to help market your home and on top of that it's fun!  Moses Lake WA seems to be behind the 8 ball when it comes to this so lets bring us into the current millianium I can help you with that!

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USRDA Loans & Underwriting

A little known issue that is popping up in regards to using this loan for housing in the local Ephrata area is throwing a wrench in some sales. So buyer beware when using this loan program that your costs for obtaining the loan might be higher then you think.flood zones ephrata

Because of the fact that Downtown Ephrata is within a flood zone obviously you have to obtain flood insurance which can cost you an extra $800 or more prior to closing.  Along with this however, is the requirement that USRDA requires housing within a flood zone to also have a survey of the flood zone and where the house is sitting to verify that the home is 12 inches above the flood path.  If the home is not above the 12 inches they will not loan on that particular piece of property.

This survey is going to cost you an additional $500-$1000 from a local engineering company.  Don’t be caught unaware in the middle of the transaction with additional costs that can keep you from buying your dream home.

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Moses Lake Halloween Events 2011

Larson Rec will be holding a Halloween Carnival Oct 22, 2011.  Join them in a variety of games including Go Fishing, Token Toss, Plinko, Pumpkin Toss, Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Decorating, Cookie Decorating, Cupcake Walk and Scavanger Hunt!    

 Moses Lake High School Trick or Treat will take place from 6-8 on Oct 31 providing a safe and warm environment for your children to Trick-or treat

Laketown Landings annual event will be taking place on Monday October 31st from 5-7.  Takes place on 3rd Ave from Alder St to Beech St.

 Harvest Maze and Pumpkin Patch open the month of October Fridays 4-8, Saturdays 12-8, Sundays 12-6.  Activites include Maze, Pumpkin Painting, Pumpkin Patch Games and more.  Cost is $5.00 per person for the maze.  Location is 9072 Rd K NW Quincy WA or call Janice at 509-398-2631 you can also visit their website at

For all your Real Estate needs contact Heather Adkinson at 509-760-7733 or email at  Check out all listings at









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